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Report2Base is an add-on to Basecamp that can be queried for milestones, tasks, messages exchanged and hours clocked for a given project or a given client.  Additional criteria can be specified such as completion status, date ranges, or responsible persons, to obtain a fine-grained set of results. This is made possible by a wizard-like interface which is highly flexible and capable of accepting complex criteria, for retrieving results. Such user-defined criteria can be saved for subsequent usage, facilitating one-click operations.

The results are presented as reports in a user-friendly tabbed interface, which allows for simultaneous viewing of multiple reports. This enables the same set of data to be analyzed from various perspectives. The reports generated can be downloaded as PDF and CSV files. A saved query can be set up to dispatch the report as a PDF attachment, over email, at periodic intervals. Email addresses for the same can be entered in an auto-suggesting text box, as Report2Base remembers all your contacts.

Report2Base also offers a graphical representation of data in the form of charts, for a more meaningful analysis of timesheets logged.

Using Report2Base is easy, since it logs you in with just your Basecamp account credentials. The rich user interface of Report2Base offers a desktop-like functionality, requiring little / no refreshing of browser.


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Providing tech-backbone for clients’ businesses

XLNC creates internet applications which offer the rich functionality our clients need to realise their business ideas. We design software that can handle huge workloads but is low in maintenance and development costs. Interdisciplinary teams of software engineers and business consultants deliver services at all stages of IT product creation, from design to implementation to operations.

Development of powerful web applications

  • Engineering high-performance, scalable software systems
  • Leading talent in combining PHP and Java in high-performance text search, mobile conversion, and database optimisation
  • Design of user-friendly, browser-based business software
  • Decade of experience with a multitude of web technologies
  • Performance optimisation and scaling of existing web applications
  • Operation of high performance systems

Development and hosting by same supplier

  • Load distribution and flexible scaling of server clusters
  • Easy extensibility of cluster when user demands increase
  • Redundant design of relevant system components
  • Ambitious service level agreements for system availability, performance, and data security
  • Automated performance monitoring of all systems and their components
  • Staged data security and integrity concepts
  • Server virtualisation and cloud computing (e.g. Amazon EC2)

Management consulting and project management

  • Business process design and optimisation
  • Product design and requirements specification
  • Creation of an understandable communication basis through early prototyping and wireframe development
  • Design of intuitive user interfaces by usage-analysis (based on user-centred design principles)
  • System analysis and mapping of software systems
  • Consultancy in the choice of employed technologies
  • Software quality management and expert opinion on third party source code